The Liver King

The Liver King, an “ancestral lifestyle” internet influencer who promotes his all-natural bodybuilding regimen, was exposed earlier this week as a massive user of steroids.

YouTuber Derek of More Plates More Dates exposed Liver King with a series of emails that showed the influencer seeking advice on his latest steroid cycle from a strength coach.

The Liver King had previously denied ever using HGH or any other anabolic steroid while promoting his all-natural lifestyle that included eating raw meat. He also sold “ancestral supplements.”

However, Liver King is coming clean about his actual workout regimen.

“Yes, I’ve done steroids, and yes, I’m on steroids, monitored and managed by trained hormone clinicians,” the Liver King said.

“While spreading the message, I’ve been on several podcasts and when asked if I’ve ever taken steroids, I’ve always said ‘No, I don’t touch the stuff, not gonna touch the stuff.’ …That was a lie,” Liver King said. “I’ve convinced myself that this had nothing to do with the ancestral message. I convinced myself that I’m not a competitive athlete of any kind, so who the f— am I cheating? I convinced myself this topic was a placeholder for a far more important conversation.”

Only time will tell if the Liver King’s brand can survive this bombshell of a scandal.

[Image via The Liver King]