There is nothing better than sitting around in the sunshine eating the offerings from your new gas grill. We want it to look good, be shiny, be new but what we have to remember too, is that it has a function, it is an appliance that we will hopefully want to use for many years to come so in addition to its’ looks’ we want it to be reliable and capable of having a long life, so what do we need to know before we buy gas grills?


Of course we all like to save money and economy is important, even more so if you’re on a budget but it can be false economy to pick the absolute cheapest gas grill that you can find. Yes, you should shop around and compare features and like for like products but it is important to look at cost vs quality and go for what you can afford if it allows you to have better features or better materials.


Quality is very important and you have to be clear about the use of the gas grill and not just the looks. The grates, burners and the body of the grill are all very important and you should look at the materials which are used in their construction. Obviously people have a budget and it is important that you choose the best of what your budget allows as better materials will mean that your grill will last a lot longer. Factor in how often you will use your grill as well.


There is the physical size, do you have a particular area of your garden in mind for your grill and if so you will have to buy one that will fit and not look out of place. You must also consider the amount of cooking surface that you will need, are you satisfying the needs of a small family group or are you planning to cater for larger parties?

Optional Extras

Some of the optional extras like side burners, warmers, more heating elements etc are all good and well but if you are never going to use them, they are not worth paying for, so determine your use, the features that you will need and stick to your plan. That way you are not going to be so likely to get carried away. Determine how hot you will require your grill to be as different grills will offer different heating temperatures.


Ask about the warranty and check for any exclusions.

In addition to picking a quality product, you have to remember that your grill will only continue to function optimally, look good and last for a long time if you maintain it. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain as recommended. If you live in an area where you have adverse winter weather conditions, you will have to consider where you would store it in the winter months as it would not be a good idea to leave it open to the elements.