WTVA (Tupelo, Mississippi) chief meteorologist Matt Laubhan's on-air snapping at a coworker drew lots of Twitter comment.

Tensions sometimes run high in local news, especially during an intense situation. But it’s rare to see that show up on-air. That’s what happened during a storm report on WTVA (a dual NBC and ABC affiliate in Tupelo, Mississippi) Saturday night, though, with chief meteorologist Matt Laubhan repeatedly snapping his fingers at someone off-camera named John (presumably fellow meteorologist John Dolusic) during a tornado watch report:

Oh, and there’s more!

(Can we talk about the “my cat died last week” on the closed captioning?)

Oh, and there was more still:

Apparently, though, the anger in that latter clip wasn’t at Dolusic, but at the Doppler radar system:

In any rate, this all spawned some Twitter commentary:


And apparently, Laubhan’s done some of this in the past:


Meanwhile, others were mad that ABC’s coverage of Warriors-Clippers kept getting cut into for this:


Tornadoes are obviously a dangerous situation, and some tension while covering them is understandable. But it’s still a bit unusual to see that show up on-air this way.

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