A squatter in Tennessee (somehow not Florida!) has hit the jackpot the past few years by living almost entirely payment-free in a luxury log cabin that banks had previously foreclosed on and forgotten about.

WTVF uncovered the entire story and confronted the man, who town officials had unsuccessfully tried to force out for two years. After some profanity, the man had enough and chased the news crew away with an axe.

After the attack, the police arrested the man for aggravated assault … but he bonded out and went back to living in the house!

The squatter, Jude Pischke, arrived at the house due to an unlikely opportunity. When the bank foreclosed on the previous owners, it went to auction, but the people who hoped to buy it were told by the bank at the last minute that the listing had been pulled.

The house then moved around between several banks, which simply forgot about it. That’s when Pischke moved in, and he wasn’t discreet about it. He brought with him piles of junk and lots of cars parked all over the lawn. Cops even found a stolen car there.

Police were called to the house for a domestic disturbance, but Pischke continued to live there. Nobody ever evicted him, though the bank told the news station is was going to attempt to now.

Watch the whole story; it’s pretty insane.

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