There are seven words you can’t say on television. Well, really more than seven, but the original seven come from a George Carlin skit in 1972. This week in Wichita, Kansas, one TV reporter casually slipped one of them into his weather report.

At KAKE in Wichita — which, by the way, is a great TV station name and definitely would make me think of cake every time I hear it — reporter Greg Miller was live-chasing a storm.

Chasing a storm can be a rough and dangerous job, thus making reporters forget they are live. We aren’t sure if Miller forgot he was live, but he was certainly on the air when he said “What the f— now?”

Ah, yes — the casual “what the f— now.” This was KAKE NEWS and not FAKE NEWS. Sorry, that was too easy.

Shortly after the incident occurred, KAKE released a statement:

On behalf of KAKE News, we wish to apologize that one of our reporters used inappropriate language that was broadcast during severe weather on all our platforms. 

We are deeply sorry for the incident. It happened in the heat of the moment and that is not an excuse. Appropriate action will be taken. 

“We consider such an act very inappropriate and again deeply sorry that the  incident happened,” News Director Anthony Maisel said. “We value our viewers and again, in the heat of the moment it just happened.”

Our reporter is being called back immediately and action will be taken. Again, our sincere apologies.

Good for KAKE to quickly get out a statement about the mishap and condemn the reporter. No word yet on if the reporter will be fired like former Wichita anchor Justin Kraemer was when a hot mic picked up him swearing back in 2013.

From the Kansas City Star:

Kraemer, an on-air reporter and fill-in anchor at KSN since 2008, could be heard at the end of KSN’s Saturday-night newscast muttering to his co-anchors, “Let’s get the (expletive) out of here.” The show had come to an end, the cameras had already cut away from the anchors, who had signed off, and the end-of-broadcast music had played.

On Monday morning, Kraemer said, he was let go from the station – a decision he said he completely understood.

Here is the video of that incident, if you’d like to relive it:

You can’t see Kraemer actually utter the profanity, but you can definitely hear it. By the way, I wonder if that episode of SNL was good?

Let’s just hope Greg Miller doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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