Over a cup of coffee or dessert, families are gathered in front of the plasma screens, watching, bickering, arguing, and generally making a racket. Of course, all that is usually over MLB; its games, results, and most important of all – the players.

Having enjoyed many such gatherings, we have compiled some points about 2019 MLB season and who are the players to watch out for – their upcoming games, achievements, among others.

  • Mike Trout    

Sometimes, we might be faced with making a choice, but that is not the case when it comes to Mike Trout, he is a player who is not to be compared with others. Always improving, known as the best player in the world, and even being part of Angel’s team is not against him, but he is scaling records to add to his name. With sincere hopes that he is healthy and strong, we will enjoy his games season after season.

  • Max Scherzer

With two Cy Young awards to his name and having almost won the third one in the 2018 season, while he led his team through innings and strikeouts. Undoubtedly the best pitcher, he has 10 seasons to his name where he recorded 30-plus starts. But that is not all; Max Scherzer also has seven years in which he recorded 230 or more strikeouts.  We shall not mention that each year he is getting above himself, and watching him play is a joy in its own right. You can search here for buying baseball game tickets without service fees and save from every deal.

  • Francisco Lindor

With a dazzling smile as well as achievements to his name, this is a versatile player who has not limited his achievements to one category – rookie, sacrifice bunts, defense, home runs. And, last but not least in 2018, he made records in home runs, stolen bases, walks, and second-best defensive. What is most amazing is that we have no idea what he will do this year, but without a doubt, he will give us unforgettable games and more records.

  • Jose Ramirez

He had a strong beginning that was cloaked with doubt as to whether he could keep it up, especially as he is considered undersized. Twice he came third in AL MVP, doubled his walk percent, and with a style all his own he gave more free passes than strikeouts, fewer groundballs – he has still many tricks under his hat.

  • Mookie Betts

2018 saw him tearing through game after game, and with that said, Mookie Betts is the first to win the AL MVP and the World Series. He has come a long way, and at just 26 years of age, a Silver Slugger and Gold Glove Awards, we will wait for every time he has the ball!

  • Chris Sale

Never having won a Cy Young, he has nevertheless compiled a career record that is daunting, to say the least – no fewer than 26 games in a single season, 30 starts in 2018, strikeouts numbers that are ever escalating, to mention just a few. All we can say is that he had 1,789 strikeouts to his name long before he made the 30th year of age!

  • Corey Kluber

A leader in baseball, either in ERA, ERA+, K/BB, or WHIP; Klubot as he is popularly known is sure to deliver irrespective of circumstance. With Corey Kluber on a game, fans are sure to watch a game like none-else, and opponents should be on the lookout for there is no stopping Klubot!

  • Aaron Judge

Aaron had a rookie season that was the talk of baseball but sadly, a broken wrist caused a setback that was thought would sap his strength. Proudly, he did not only come past that, but he has since recorded ball speed of 108.8 mph, and since then balls coming off Aaron’s bat record a 95 mph – and we are speaking 54% of them!

  • Nolan Arenado

Here we have superstar material, a sure winner he has recorded 130 OPS+, 40 homers, 130 RBI, and with at least 156 games; all that in four seasons. Yes, this is a star to watch out for.

  • Jacob DeGrom

Big hair and fastball were his signatures and luckily for baseball, even after he shore off his hair, he is still deserving a CY Young trophy along with being a pitcher who anyone would love to watch play.

Have fun watching your favorite players…!