Hey, Juan Soto is really good, guys. That probably isn’t a surprise, given his status as both a top prospect (Keith Law had him ranked #42 ahead of this season) and as a 19-year-old player worthy of playing in the majors.

That’s rare; he was only the second teenager to debut since the start of the 2013 season, and while it wasn’t common before it’s going to get even more rare going forward as more teams understand the value of service time and team control (or, if you prefer, the exploitation of young players.)

Soto debuted yesterday with a pinch-hit appearance, striking out in his only at-bat. Tonight, though, was a different story. With two on in the bottom of the second inning, Soto went oppo:

That’s a no-doubt blast (422 feet to the opposite field!), the kind of swing (and pop) that can’t be faked. Good for him, and good for the Nationals; even if they lose Bryce Harper after this season, it’s nice to have young players like Soto to send out there for years to come.

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