In perhaps the only way the last game of spring training can get to two outs in the bottom of the ninth tied at zero and still be considered a time well spent for everyone involved, Vlad Guerrero Jr. delivered a hell of an ending for the Blue Jays.

Playing in Montreal, the son of an Expos legend did this to the Cardinals:

Good lord what a bomb, and what a fantastic crowd reaction. Vlad Jr. is just 19, and he hasn’t played above high-A, but he’s very much a legit prospect. That bat speed is apparently genetic. It’s also a nice reminder that baseball should absolutely be back in Montreal. It’s just a spring game, and obviously not every single crowd would look like that during the regular season. But come on, baseball. That is a perfect market just ready to be tapped again, preferably with a legitimately run franchise instead of the Expos.

What a moment. Those don’t come that often in exhibition baseball, especially in spring training. It’s hard to imagine a better send-off to the offseason. Opening Day is Thursday. Welcome back, baseball.

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