The most bizarre story of a bizarre MLB offseason came in December, when The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported that Rafael Palmeiro is serious about attempting a comeback to the big leagues at the age of 53. Palmeiro’s MLB career ended in 2005 after he was the first player suspended for steroids (and after he said before Congress, “I have never used steroids. Period.”).

The idea of Palmeiro actually attempting a comeback to the majors at 53 has been met with skepticism and laughter, but he tweeted a video Friday of himself taking batting practice.

The tweet reads, “Good to be back in the cage again. The comeback is real.”

Palmeiro’s swing looks pretty good in the cage, but it’s hard to take much away from a guy facing a machine that’s grooving pitches right down the pipe. It’s difficult to imagine someone being away from the game for 13 years, at the age of 53, and being able to do much of anything with 98-mph fastballs and filthy sliders.

Even if Palmeiro’s return to the majors is highly unlikely, we at least know he’s indeed serious about giving it a shot. And that’s… interesting.

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