Hulking metahuman Aaron Judge is demolishing baseball by demolishing baseballs. A foolproof strategy, to be sure, and one at which he’s excelled mightily, emphasis on might.

Last night, Judge clubbed a dinger with the highest exit velocity of the Statcast era, 121.1 MPH.

Today, at Yankee Stadium, Judge rendered another death sentence onto a poor, unsuspecting baseball, socking it do deep left off Orioles righty Logan Verrett:

Good lord, that’s monstrous. “Longest homer in the majors this season”-monstrous:

So, the hardest-hit and the farthest-hit, on back-to-back days, and he’s already at 20 bombs. Even Judge’s teammates are amazed:

At this point, Aaron Judge is basically a superhero. What can’t he do? I’d bet on him against The Freeze right now. He’d find a way.

Judge is a fantastic hitter, he’s just 25, he performs amazing feats on what is just about a literal daily basis at this point. He also plays for the resurgent Yankees, so it’s probably best to enjoy him now before you’re contractually obligated to hate him later.

Unless you’re a Yankees fan now, in which case, we all hate you.

[Update: he hit another home run.]

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