Aaron Judge and the Yankees are struggling in a way not seen by the franchise in a long time.

Here’s a sentence no one could have predicted they’d see this October: Yankee Stadium fans booed Aaron Judge in the ALDS.

The New York Yankees superstar’s bad ALDS got even worse Friday as New York fell to the Cleveland Guardians, 4-2, in 10 innings.

Judge struck out four times in five at-bats, and he’s now hitless in eight at-bats in the series. He’s struck out seven times. The man who made Yankees history in a good way just a few days ago is setting the wrong kind of records now.

Hence the boos at Yankee Stadium.


Judge heard the boo-birds. A reporter asked him after the game if it surprised him.

“Not at all. It happens. … It’s happened many times through my career here,” Judge said.

To his credit, Judge addressed his bad play, and the boos, head on.

“There’s nothing I can do. I gotta play better, that’s what it comes down to,” he said. “I didn’t do the job tonight, especially as the lead-off hitter, I gotta get on base. I gotta make something happen on the basepath, I didn’t do that tonight.”

Baseball fans turned to Twitter to debate the issue, with the general sentiment being the Yankees slugger doesn’t deserve the boos, no matter how much he’s struggled the past two games.

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