Aaron Judge and the Yankees are struggling in a way not seen by the franchise in a long time.

Major League Baseball star slugger Aaron Judge has hit the free agency market afterhis record-breaking season with the New York Yankees. Though Judge has spent his entire MLB career with the Yankees and fans would certainly welcome him back with open arms, the Yankees are reportedly concerned about their chances of landing Judge. As a result, plenty of other teams entering the sweepstakes to land judge, and it looks like the San Francisco Giants are calling in some superstar backup to try to land him.

According to a report from NBC Sports, Golden State Warriors superstar guard Steph Curry is currently trying to recruit Aaron Judge to the San Francisco Giants.

“I can neither confirm nor deny,” Curry told NBC Sports with a laugh.

Curry, who grew up a Boston Red Sox fan, joked that by helping lure Judge away from the Yankees, he’s not only helping the city of San Francisco, but he’s also helping his favorite team: the Boston Red Sox.

“I met him before this,” Curry said of Judge. “We’ve talked before. So . . . let’s put it this way: I am doing my part as a loyal Red Sox fan.”

Judge has reportedly met with the Giants as his free agency ramps up.

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