Earlier, we brought you the story of the Cardinals setting off fireworks after a Kris Bryant home run. That was pretty funny, and for most games, would be perhaps the most viral moment from a random late-September baseball game between one team that’s going to the playoffs and one team that isn’t.

But instead, we got a whole different story, thanks to Addison Russell’s hustle, a Cardinals fan ordering a giant tray of nachos, and those two forces quite literally colliding down the third base line at Busch Stadium:

It’s that delayed “Ooooo” from the crowd once the nacho carnage went up on the video board that really makes that highlight. Well, that and Russell’s hand being just coated in nacho cheese. Here’s the moment right before the chip chaos:

Normally, that would be that. But wait! There’s more! Addison Russell himself delivered some replacement nachos to the fan:

Nacho Man, revealed as Andrew Gudermuth, instantly became a sensation:

Well played, Nacho Man. And Addison Russell, and the Cubs, who are winning in the eighth inning.

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