For most of the Philadelphia Phillies, the first inning of Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels went great. Alec Bohm, though, was an exception, in more ways than one.

Each of the five Philadelphia hitters in front of Bohm reached base in the bottom of the first inning and by the time he came to the plate, the Phillies were already leading 2-0. Bohm’s at-bat didn’t go as well as his teammates’, though, as he struck out on three pitches. Bohm was frustrated and when he got back to the dugout, took out his anger on his bat. That didn’t go well. Bohm slammed his bat, which popped back up and hit him, leaving Bohm with a bloody neck.

Baseball fans had a lot to say about this incident, with some comparing it to the unusual injuries sustained by different New York Mets recently.

There were other reactions, though Bohm didn’t receive a lot of sympathy for this.

This isn’t the first time that Bohm’s frustration has gotten the better of him this season. Previously, he was caught saying some unflattering things about Philadelphia’s fans while being booed. He later apologized and was forgiven.

And while that wasn’t Bohm’s best moment, it’s a better way to relieve frustration than what he chose on Saturday. Because sometimes, when you take out your anger on the equipment, the equipment will fight back.

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