Andrew McCutchen's shave after heading to the Yankees.

The New York Yankees have long been famous for their policy against facial hair, from “Shave those sideburns, Mattingly!” through Johnny Damon’s transformation through Kevin Youkilis’ axed goatee. The latest player to have to change his appearance as a result of that policy is Andrew McCutchen, who was traded from the San Francisco Giants to the Yankees Thursday night, and quickly followed that Friday with Snapchat and Twitter posts about shaving his famed beard:

That’s quite the change in appearance. We’ll see how this move winds up working out for yhe 31-year-old McCutchen, who’s hitting .255/.357/.415 this year. Maybe he provides a veteran outfield presence for the Yankees, or maybe he has a hard time working his way into their lineup. In any case, this deal has certainly altered how he looks.

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