Ángel Hernández Third base umpire Angel Hernandez (5) looks over the Pirates dugout in the first inning of the MLB National League game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates at Great American Ball Park in downtown Cincinnati on Monday, Sept. 27, 2021. The Reds led 8-1 in the top of the sixth inning. Pittsburgh Pirates At Cincinnati Reds

Major League Baseball umpire Ángel Hernández is famous around the league for all the wrong reasons as he’s become notorious in the MLB world for his egregious blown calls. Unfortunately, Hernández was at it again during Sunday Night Baseball’s game between the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets.

At the top of the sixth inning in a 0-0 game with no outs, Padres third baseman Manny Machado was hit by a pitch and was on his way to first base when Hernández, the first-base umpire, ruled that Machado swung at the pitch on an 0-2 count, making it a strikeout instead of a free base.

Naturally, Machado was furious at the call.

Naturally, the MLB world had a pretty strong reaction to the call, with many suggesting that Hernández should no longer have a job and that the league should know better than to put the notoriously controversial umpire on for a nationally televised game.

However, there were also many who believed Hernández actually made the correct call in this situation, while also acknowledging that the umpire is notorious for his blown calls.

Whether the call was correct or not, Hernández once again found himself as the talking point of the MLB world on Sunday night. Even when some agree that he made the correct call, he’s still one of the most controversial figures in the league.

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