MLB fans were frustrated with Ángel Hernández one inning into his game as home plate umpire on Saturday.

Saturday’s game between the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers showed that while MLB umpires in general have come under heavy criticism during the 2022 season, which has led to increased calls for an automated strike zone, there’s still only one Ángel Hernández.

Hernández was the home plate umpire on Saturday. So fans of both teams (and anyone else watching the game, for that matter) had to know that they’d have some frustrating moments that would cause them to want to rip their hair out. Sure enough, Hernández provided those moments — and it did not take long.

Hernández struggled to grasp the strike zone multiple times in the first inning alone.

Baseball fans have been irritated by MLB umpires throughout the season. Still, none generate the kind of frustration that Hernández does, something that was plainly evident on Saturday.

There have been worse mistakes. Only days before this mistake Hernández was on a crew that inexplicably forgot the count and gave Houston Astros slugger Yordan Álvarez four strikes. Though, to be fair, even the opposing team let that mistake get made without argument.

Still, other umpires have made terrible calls this year, nobody does it with the regularity that Hernández does. Fans have clearly taken notice and are not in any hurry to take him off of the hook.

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