It's been a rough defensive season for Jo Adell, who had another lowlight on Friday.

The Los Angeles Angels are not the only Major League Baseball team having a rough season. But they do seem to find a new level of misery on a nightly basis. That was the case on Friday night against the Texas Rangers. And it all started on what seemed like nothing more than a routine double with the bases empty from Marcus Semien.

With one out in the top of the sixth inning, Semien sent a ball into the left field corner. Jo Adell went over to field it but things went awry. The ball got away from Adell and Semien sprinted to third. But when Semien turned for home, it seemed like the Angels would actually benefit from the miscue. Adell finally retrieved the ball and threw it to second baseman Luis Rengifo, who caught the ball with plenty of time to throw Semien out at the plate. It did not happen.

Rengifo’s throw short-hopped catcher Kurt Suzuki, who could not come up with the ball cleanly. With that, Semien slid home safely for the Little League home run.

While Adell is hardly the only culprit on this play, it does add to a list of defensive miscues that was already vast.

Those in the MLB world following the game

If one play shows the kind of season that both the Angels and Adell are suffering through, this is it.

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