Trevor Bauer is a deeply weird, somewhat problematic person. The guy cut his hand working on a drone during the 2016 playoffs and it’s maybe not even a top-five Trevor Bauer Weirdness moment.

We now have another contender for that particular list. With Cleveland in Kansas City today, Bauer was getting rocked to the tune of 7 runs on 9 hits in 4.1 innings when his manager Terry Francona headed to the mound to take him out. Whether it was the sight of Tito coming to give him the hook or just the result of the previous play (a two-run single that put Cleveland down 7-5), Bauer had clearly had enough.

For most frustrated pitchers, that means breaking a few things in the dugout, or maybe even throwing a glove. For Trevor Bauer, though, it meant turning and firing the ball over the center field fence from the mound.

Via some basic lip-reading, it appears Francona, upon getting to the mound, asked a question that Bauer has almost certainly heard before: “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

That is a more than fair question. Bauer being immediately contrite is also fully on brand. Yes, this is the time he’s learned his lesson.

We need Statcast data on that throw, though, as soon as possible.

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