The Cubs and Giants are playing a weird game on Sunday Night Baseball, best represented by this Anthony Rizzo line drive during which Pablo Sandoval playing second base for the Giants (he started there for the first time ever tonight) isn’t even close to the strangest thing.

That’s a liner off Ty Blach’s glove, off second base ump Cory Blaser, and then out to short right; by the time the charging Sandoval reached it, he had no shot at either Rizzo or Kris Bryant, who scored from second on the play thanks to a tremendous read.

It’s worth a few more looks:

That’s a laser; you don’t often see MLB umpires get drilled with line drives, mostly because they’ve seen as many or more MLB grounders and line drives off the bat than the average MLB defender. (They’re out there every half-inning, after all.)

The Cubs ended up tying the game 3-3 in that inning, and currently lead 6-3. This post will be updated if any more umpires are drilled with line drives.


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