Asdrúbal Cabrera Former MLB All-Star Asdrúbal Cabrera started a brawl in a Venezuelan Winter League on Saturday, clocking an opponent who had just homered.

More than even “analytics,” nothing seems to divide baseball fans and players, alike generationally like home run celebrations. Older fans, by and large, can’t stand them. Their younger counterparts, meanwhile, generally don’t care. That frequently applies to players, as well. Judging by his recent actions, it’s fair to say that two-time MLB All-Star, Asdrúbal Cabrera, is in the former camp.

Cabrera is playing Winter League baseball in Venezuela, playing for Caribes de Anzoategui. On Saturday night, his team was playing against Tiburones de La Guaira. Carlos Castro hit a home run for Tiburones de La Guaira, breaking a late-inning tie. It was Castro’s third home run of the game and he responded with a pronounced bat flip and even stared into Caribes de Anzoategui’s dugout. Cabrera took exception.

When Castro rounded first base, he was met by Cabrera, who leveled him to the ground.

Some baseball fans saw this and immediately compared Cabrera to WWE Hall of Famer and former champion, John Bradshaw Layfield — or JBL.

Others who saw what happened were just disgusted.

Translation: “WHAT ASDRUBAL CABRERA DOES IS DESTESTABLE. The sanction has to be GIANT.”

Translation: “Asdrubal Cabrera, what does it feel like after the coward role you just played? Not only are you hurting your teammates, your colleagues on the other team, but you also dirty the show. There are no possible excuses.”

Translation: “Asdrubal Cabrera you went too far brother… don’t you see all the stupid things that Astudillo does.”

Translation: “Asdrúbal Cabrera went to hit treacherously. You can’t tolerate that even when you play in the neighborhood with your friends. This must be sanctioned but at stratospheric levels. Bad, very bad show. Yadier Molina was left in diapers before this cruel act. Bad for the LVBP.”

Cabrera last played in MLB for the Cincinnati Reds in 2021. In total, he played with eight different teams from 2007-2021, including two stints with the Washington Nationals.

It will be interesting to see what kind of discipline he faces here. But more likely than not, he’ll be sitting for a while.

[Photo Credit: Tiburones Report]

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