When you think of an inside the park home run, you probably think of a ball taking a weird bounce off of a wall and a burner racing around the bases.

You probably don’t think of a chopper down the line that might not even be hit well enough to be stretched into a double.

But on Friday night, a Houston Astros minor leaguer turned a hit like that into an inside the park homer, thanks in large part to an outfielder suddenly getting jelly legs.

What the hell happened there? Marcos Almonte of the Quad Cities River Bandits hit that chopper down the line off of Bryan Hudson of the South Bend Cubs. Cubs right fielder Chris Pieters went to field the ball, and slipped and fell over seemingly nothing. While Pieters pulled himself up and chased after the ball, Almonte just kept running, and scored before the throw came home.

However, it all ended well for South Bend – they won the game 7-4, and Pieters drove in their third run of the night after a sacrifice fly.

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