You never know what causes the traffic jam that’s keeping you from work in the morning. Maybe it’s an accident, maybe it’s construction, maybe it’s just a whole lot of people going to one place.

Or maybe, as was the case on I-75 South in Cobb County, Georgia on Wednesday, it’s dozens of foam tomahawks that have spilled from a truck and blocked traffic.

The spill reportedly happened right outside SunTrust Park, new home of the Atlanta Braves.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the tomahawks blocked the two left lanes of the highway, causing significant delays.

Those foam tomahawks are essential for the insidious (and arguably offensive) tomahawk chop that was a mainstay at Turner Field and will follow the Braves to the new stadium, where they will play for the first time Friday.

The AJC reported that the lanes were expected to be cleared by noon E.T., so the tomahawks have probably been picked up by now. The only remaining problem: The Braves might be short a few tomahawks on Opening Day.

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