Joe Tuccini had a bachelor party plan any Michigan man would dream of: dressing up with 44 friends as Tom Selleck’s character Thomas Magnum from Magnum, P.I. and attending a Tigers. Unfortunately, the Tigers ruined his plans — not by losing 10-4 to the White Sox, but by kicking the group of cosplayers out of the stadium.

According to Tuccini, the group was told they were removed because they were catcalling.

The Tigers released the following statement about the incident, saying the group had been warned multiple times:

“It was inappropriate behavior; the group was given multiple warnings. They violated the code of conduct and were asked to leave and have not been banned from the park.”

Tuccini claims no one in his group was catcalling and has already developed a conspiracy theory about their ejection:

The Allen Park resident told FOX 2 that the Tigers told him they were ejected for ‘catcalling’ but he says that’s not true. He said that he thinks the Tigers security escorted him out of the ballpark because the group was drawing attention away from the Tigers – who lost 10-4 to the White Sox.

Sure, guys.

As compensation, Tuccini wants the Tigers to give everyone in his group with a free ticket for a game next season in addition to inviting Tom Selleck to a game.


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