While the 2016 New York Mets season hasn’t quite gotten off to the start most observers and fans have expected, everyone is still enjoying Bartolo Colon’s history-making home run from 13 days ago in San Diego.

The tributes have been rolling in, including a limited edition baseball card, mock “30 for 30” trailer, a mash-up with a scene from The Natural, and of course, the adoration of basically everyone in the sports world.

Now there’s a bobblehead coming out from Clark Toys, which is also extra special.

Not only does Bartolo’s head bobble, but so does his stomach. Unfortunately, Clark Toys has not provided the waiting world with video of this, but that detail should make you buy the bobblehead immediately, even if you aren’t a collector of such items.


Other details include the Mets’ famous home run apple in the background (even though the homer was hit in San Diego), and Bart standing on a mock newspaper with the headline “Oldest Pitcher in MLB History hits a Home Run.” There is one problem with this design, however: The helmet doesn’t come off, and it should, but that’s a minor nitpick.

The product is still in the pre-selling phase, which means the image provided is still a mock-up, so some details could easily change. But if some of those minor tweaks are made, this bobblehead becomes an instant must-buy for basically anyone.

Long live Big Sexy.

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