Sometimes, the biggest highlights in sports don’t come from the athletes that play them, but from the fans that watch them. And this baseball fan certainly turned some heads with his relentless pursuit and debatable parkour ability.

During the Nationals-Marlins game on Saturday, a fan was bent on getting a Ryan Zimmerman foul ball. Zimmerman’s hit ended up in an area with no one in it, and a nearby fan attempted to reach out his hand to grab it. When the ball missed his hand and bounced off the wall, the fan then proceeded to demonstrate his parkour skills (or lack thereof) to chase the foul ball down two rows. A woman was kind enough to hand the ball to him after it ended up in her area, and probably did so because of the fan’s hustle to get the baseball.

While his parkour skills could use some work, credit to the guy for somehow keeping his glasses on through that entire ordeal. While he certainly didn’t have the most graceful of moves, his dedication and hustle are undeniable.

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