Few in Chicago will forget the bar or street they were on when the Chicago Cubs clinched an 8-6 victory in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. After all, the victory broke a 108-year-old streak of no World Series championships.

While most were out lighting off fireworks, honking car horns and screaming at the top of their lungs, Cubs super fan Bill Murray got the opportunity of a lifetime.

He got the chance to be in the locker room for the post-game celebration, and did so in classic Bill Murray fashion — posing as a Fox reporter and getting some hilarious interviews in while also basking in champagne baths and the bubbly himself.

But first, Murray celebrated by trying to honk the horn on World Series MVP Ben Zobrist’s car that he won for the MVP honor.

It was then on to grabbing a Fox mic, entering the locker room and asking the hard-hitting questions.

He even dished out some advice, like the drinking tip he gave Dexter Fowler while interviewing him: “Pace yourself. You’re gonna be doing this for a few years. You don’t want to start drinking too hard too early.”

But the cherry on top of it all? Murray’s interview with Theo Epstein.

There was a champagne bath and Epstein dropping an F-bomb too.

Just how important was this win to the Cubs organization? Try legendary pitcher Kerry Wood handing super fan Bill Murray a bottle of champaign and Murray get instantly drunk…

And Murray having some fun with the local Chicago media, getting them in on the champagne bath.

I’m sure Murray and the Cubs are still out celebrating and the city of Chicago is still standing!

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