Rumble Ponies

The Binghamton Mets chose a new name and DAMN is it majestic.

The Mets announced way back in May that the organization was moving on from the boring, parent name. The New York Mets Double-A affiliate revealed a handful of amazing names and the best option was selected.

The Mets are now the Rumble Ponies. Hee-Ya!


“[Rebranding] was really an easy decision because of all the rumors there had been about the team leaving,” owner John Hughes said in a statement, just prior to the official announcement. “This helps strengthen our connection to the city, it creates an identity, something that only exists in Binghamton. This is our own story, our own identity.”

So what is a rumble pony? Apparently,a fan submitted the name in memory of riding a carousel as a child. The Rumble Ponies released the perfect, bullshit-laden reasoning for the odd, yet amazing, name.

Rumble Ponies are a “fierce horse that no carousel can contain.”

“The aggression and fighting spirit in the horse represents the fighting spirit of Binghamton,” Hughes continued. “Ready to do battle. Ready to take on the world.”

That no carousel can contain? Huh? That’s powerful.

Who cares how the Rumble Ponies try to justify the name. It’s an amazing moniker. The logos are just as top-notch, as there’s a boxing pony with a carousel poll, a horseshoe and carousel pole shaped like a B, and a horse wearing gladiator armor on a carousel.

The logo is nonsensical, but to quote Chazz from Blades of Glory “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative.”

Well done Binghamton. You now feature my favorite logo in all of Minor League Baseball.


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