lobster mac and cheese

How much money would it take you to eat eight pounds of delicious lobster mac and cheese? We’re guessing the answer is you’d do it for free, since, you know, lobster mac is freaking delicious and all.

But for Toronto Blue Jays first baseman/outfielder Chris Colabello, it will apparently cost more than $15,000. That’s because teammates attempted to bribe him with said $15,000 to eat eight pounds of the delicious food and he still turned his teammates down.

Yes, hang your head in shame.

Not only did Colabello turn down an extra $15,000, he also wasted some good-looking food.

What happened to the lobster mac? Was it donated to another table or did his teammates pitch in and help him finally eat the massive plate of food?

Jose Bautista failed to let us in on the final verdict of the food itself, but he did leave us with one heck of a running commentary on the fate of Colabello’s apparently agonizing decision to turn down the challenge:


8:34 he is still struggling with it
8:45 im losing hope over here
8:53 not looking good…
8:56 @kpillar11 show up and is upset that #CoachBelo is taking so long to decide
8:59 officially has waved the white flag, not even an attempt…disappointing…

Disappointing indeed…but then again, eight pounds of food for a finely-tuned professional athlete?

Just one question remains for us, and that is if Bautista and the rest of the team went all mom on him and used the “there are starving children in Ethiopia that would die to eat that” line. We’re guessing it never happened, because it always worked on us growing up.


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