Brewers rookies

Baseball has a long season.

The toll this takes on players manifests in many ways, from ridiculously intricate handshake routines to a team adopting a rally mantis. And sometimes, when you’re staring down a day-night doubleheader, you need some caffeine.

That’s the situation the Brewers found themselves in, and they didn’t want any clubhouse coffee. Rather, they apparently craved Starbucks (baseball players are like us!) and as they were at Wrigley Field, they had a chance to get some across the street from the stadium.

So did they send out a team staffer, or the clubhouse attendants? Nope. Why do that when you can have the rookies do it? In full uniform?

As far as rookie hazing goes, this is fairly tame, and falls more in line with standard intern/new guy office practices. Of course they were bound to attract some attention wandering through Wrigleyville, but there are worse things to advertise than the fact that you’re a big-leaguer.

Did the caffeine help?

Not for the first game, anyway, as the Brewers were shut out 4-0.

Maybe someone needs to make another run between games.

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