Bryce Harper ejected by Brian Walsh. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia. Umpire Brian Walsh ejects Phillies star Bryce Harper on Friday. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Bryce Harper was not part of Friday’s game between his Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies for a long time, as he was ejected in the first inning.

Fans, who have grown increasingly tired of the “ump show” in recent seasons, were not happy about it.

Harper struck out swinging to end the top of the first inning. Frustrated about a call earlier in the at-bat, Harper threw his helmet down after striking out, earning a fine for that. He continued the conversation with home plate umpire Brian Walsh. And while it didn’t seem like much more than a cordial conversation, Walsh gave Harper the thumb, ejecting him from the game.

Naturally, Tom McCarthy and Ruben Amaro Jr., who were calling the game on NBC Sports Philadelphia, were upset and made their feelings known.

Baseball fans, frustrated with the continued ump show and knowing that people at Coors Field probably paid good money to see Harper play, did the same.

[Photo Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia]

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