Bryce Harper is leading off right now for the Nationals. Tonight, that’s proven to be an effective strategy for Washington, as Harper opened up the bottom of the first by doing this:

That tweet is alluding to the fact that Harper hit a leadoff homer already this week:

And then, in the second inning, Harper came up again and delivered another bomb:

That’s ridiculously long. Harper’s longest of the Statcast era, in fact, at 473 feet:

And here’s the full breakdown:

You may also have noted in those team tweets that Harper was referred to as a superstar. That’s because earlier this week, Bill James made a point to say Harper wasn’t that, which is hilarious:

Nowhere NEAR! That’s despite Harper tearing the cover off of the ball to start his contract year, including a broken bat home run. If he wasn’t a superstar before (he was and is, obviously, but I thought of this line and I want to use it), this moved him about 473 feet closer.

Oh, and also, we’re now on five homer game watch. Generational hitter, leading off, two home runs in two innings. That’s the perfect recipe for something that’s never happened. (Eighteen people have hit four, so even that would be a very rare thing.)

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