Washington Nationals MVP Bryce Harper may be on a mission to make baseball fun again, but he still has a bit of a temper from time to time when he doesn’t get his way. On Monday night, Harper got himself ejected from the dugout for yelling at the home plate umpire, but he managed to get the last word when he ran back to the field to celebrate with his teammates following Clint Robertson’s walk-off home run.

Harper was ejected by home plate umpire Brian Knight for his reaction to a call during an at-bat for Danny Espinosa. One batter later, Robertson launched the walk-off blast over the fence:

That led to an on-field celebration around home plate. Harper was not going to miss that opportunity, and you know he’d have a choice word to say to Knight during the celebration.

And if you thought Harper was going to back down from what he said, nope. Think again!

Harper was 0-for-2 on the night against the Detroit Tigers, with two walks and a strikeout. Coming a day after walking six times and getting hit by a pitch another, Harper must feel pretty good about his respect at the plate. That doesn’t always come from the umpires though. And if reacting from the dugout is against the unwritten rules, well, we know Harper is not one to take kindly to those unwritten rules.

We imagine Harper will be get some kind of fine since there is clear video of him cursing out an umpire, and Major League Baseball can’t have that go without punishment.

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