A fire in the parking lot at the Oakland A's game.

There are 452,000 Google results for “Oakland A’s dumpster fire,” with many of them showing up as commentary on the team’s last two seasons (where they went 68-94 and 69-93 respectively). On Monday, though, and the opening day of their 2017 season, the team was associated with a literal fiery disaster, as a car in the parking lot at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority was engulfed in flames.


And the fire department had to come put it out:


Here’s another look at the fire:

Fire safety is no joke

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And here’s a wider version of the header photo:

Oakland fire

Naturally, this provoked some Twitter commentary:

If this is symbolic of the A’s season, I’d hate to see what’s going to symbolize the year for the soon-to-be-moving Raiders, a team the stadium authority executive director has already said is going to put taxpayers in the red just by playing there. A flaming pit of money, perhaps?

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