If you want an example of the differences between spring training and the regular season, beyond seeing way more jerseys in the 80-99 range than normal, let’s head to today’s Grapefruit League game between the Astros and Cardinals in Jupiter, Florida.

The Astros were on their way to winning 7-3, despite homers from both Tommy Pham and Yadier Molina. (Who is somehow still just 35.) In itself, that’s not really a story, outside of those two markets. But when a car gets stuck on the field after driving around the outfield for a mid-inning promotion, well, that’s certainly something.

The driver appears to be stuck thanks to the doors swinging outward; the trailer there removes the ability to go straight, and he or she doesn’t have enough room to make the turn to the right without the door being in the way. It’s a conundrum familiar to anyone who’s ever attempted to move a sleeper sofa down a flight of stairs, only with a few thousand people watching.

In the end, the driver makes the smart decision to just get the hell out of there and go back the way they came. Presumably that will be the plan for the remainder of the spring, although hey, it does give the advertiser more exposure. Because businesses definitely want their brand to be associated with comedic incompetence.

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