July 31, 2020; Milwaukee, WI, USA; The Miller Park plaza is closed and empty after the Milwaukee Brewers' scheduled home opener Friday afternoon against St. Louis was postponed because of positive coronavirus tests with the Cardinals travel party. Mandatory Credit: Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY NETWORK

After the Miami Marlins season was brought to a halt by positive Covid-19 tests, we now have another game postponed due to the virus.

The St. Louis Cardinals were in Milwaukee for what would have been the Brewers home opener tonight at Miller Park, but after two Cardinals reportedly tested positive, the game has been postponed. MLB Network’s Jon Heyman first reported the news:

The Cardinals and Brewers both released statements on the situation, with the Cardinals noting that they hadn’t left the team hotel and were continuing to self-isolate:

Of course, that statement does mean that the Twins, for example, could potentially have been exposed.

The Brewers, meanwhile, were understandably supportive of the decision:

The league is apparently hoping that Saturday’s game can go on as planned:

Which, uh, seems very reckless considering what we know about the virus incubation period, and how long it may take for testing to accurately reflect a positive case. As we saw and are still seeing with the Marlins, a baseball team is a textbook situation for an outbreak.

It’s almost like Rob Manfred is just kind of bullshitting his way through an impossibly important time in MLB (and sports) history! (The Onion nailed it.)

What could go wrong?

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