Worry no more. Rally Cat has been found.

The Cardinals appeared to find their new mascot on Wednesday night when a cat made a surprise appearance in center field during their game against the Royals, sparking a rally and a St. Louis victory. But the woman who claimed the cat outside Busch Stadium quickly lost track of our furry friend, leaving a cute kitty wandering the city streets and many St. Louisians in a state of alarm.

Now they can rest easy. St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach caught a cat in a local sculpture garden overnight, and they are sure it is Rally Cat because of the markings on his back and legs.

We’ll see what lies ahead in Rally Cat’s future. Many people have already contacted the feral outreach group to adopt, but they don’t orchestrate private adoptions. I would like to see him become an official mascot and maybe even cultivate a relationship between the team and the group in order to promote cat adoption.

Meanwhile, the Rally Cat Cards begin a three-game series with the Braves tonight, looking for their seventh straight win as they try to catch the Cubs in the NL Central.

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