Carlos Correa

While Carlos Correa has yet to officially sign with the New York Mets, a report emerged on Thursday that suggested the two sides were working towards a deal. Now, though, there’s a potential fly in that ointment — another team.

Jon Heyman of the New York Post reported that “Carlos Correa’s camp renewed contact with at least another interested team or two beyond the Mets on Thursday as negotiations with the Mets over proposed contract language changes in the agreed-upon $315 million, 12-year deal ran into at least a hiccup or two.”

This could, of course, be a tactic from Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, trying to get the deal possible. Boras using a vague “other team” in negotiations wouldn’t exactly be without precedent. This was noted by baseball fans in response to the latest Correa news.

“95% sure this is a Boras ploy to get every last penny from the Mets, but if it’s not…” the Céspedes Family BBQ Podcast tweeted.

Kate Feldman of CBS Sports agreed. “I can’t decide if I think this is Boras walking or Boras trying to force it across the finish line but either way I’d like it to be over,” she said.

Others, though, had different takes. Michael Marino of Fansided reported that Correa’s most recent team, the Minnesota Twins, are interested. That said, they have the same health concerns that squashed Correa’s deal with the San Francisco Giants and are endangering the deal with the Mets.

“Source: The Minnesota Twins have been a team monitoring Correa’s market in recent weeks,” Marino reported on Twitter, responding to the latest Correa news. “Important to note that just like the Mets and Giants, if they were to come to an agreement with Correa, they’d also want an extensive look done into his flagged lower-leg injury.”

There were other takes. Grant McAuley, who hosts a From The Diamond_, a Podcast about the Atlanta Braves wondered if Correa may be approaching $1 billion in reported contracts over the winter. The Call to the Pen Twitter feed wondered if Correa might end up on the Twins — only not the Minnesota Twins.

“Carlos Correa has already set an MLB record by procuring two $300+ million contracts in one winter. Could he find a third?!” McAuley asked.

“He’s going to end up on the LG Twins at this point,” Call to the Pen said, referencing the Korean KBO League team.

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