Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa’s crazy offseason could soon become even stranger.

The Athletic reported Monday that talks between the star free agent shortstop and the Minnesota Twins “have begun to accelerate.”

Correa, of course, played last season in Minnesota before hitting free agency. He first agreed to terms on a $350 million deal with the San Francisco Giants in mid-December, but the Giants backed out over concerns about an old injury to Correa.

A few days later, Correa and the New York Mets reportedly not only reached an agreement, but a report noted he had signed a $315 million deal. But then the Mets raised their own concerns about Correa’s condition, and that situation remains unresolved, leading to speculation Correa has other teams in mind.

Which leads to the current news involving the Twins.

SNY’s Andy Martino reported Jan. 5 that Correa and the Mets were still trying to work out details of a contract, primarily through lawyers.

It would be the perfect cap to Correa’s strange free agency adventure if he ends up going full circle back to the Twins.

Twins fans were not happy about the possibility of Correa returning, given the circumstances.

Jason Hansen tweeted, “You have to be kidding me. Why would the Twins do this after two teams already expressed significant concerns over his physical? Wouldn’t the Twins perform their own comprehensive physical before agreeing to anything?”

“Boras is using the Twins,” Ron Rubin tweeted, referring to Correa’s agent, Scott Boras.

“Then if the Twins deal fails which team will be next lol,” one fan tweeted.

Christopher Larson tweeted, “It’s difficult to believe that the Twins would break the bank on a long term deal, when two teams with cash to spend behaved cautiously in their approach to a long term deal. If he signs with the Twins then the medicals were a significant issue.”

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