In a game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves late in the 2013 season, we got what may be still the most notable clash between proponents of old-school and new-school baseball in MLB history.

Milwaukee’s Carlos Gómez led the game off with a towering home run. He had a rather emphatic bat drop and took his time getting around the bases, something the Braves didn’t appreciate. Gómez jawed with different Atlanta players and when he turned for home, things got taken up a notch.

Brian McCann, the catcher of the Braves, was standing in front of home plate, waiting for Gómez. The two got face-to-face, which led to the benches clearing and punches being thrown.

Nearly a decade later, McCann and Gómez, who have both been out of the league since the end of the 2019 season, have clearly put the past behind them.

On Thursday, Gómez shared a photo on Twitter. The caption read, “Reunited with my boy Brian McCann!! He finally got me” while the photo was McCann putting Gómez in a headlock, with both men smiling.

The incident between these two sparked a lot of debate. This photo, though, was another story.

It was met with a lot of smiling faces from the MLB world.

[Carlos Gómez]

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