The Rays' Carlos Gomez and Jake Bauers collided. Painfully.

Seeing one baseball player hit in the groin is comedy, but seeing two baseball players hit each other in the groin is just high art. That’s what Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder Carlos Gomez and infielder Jake Bauers managed to do while chasing down a foul pop-up Saturday against the Seattle Mariners, though. With Gomez coming in on the ball and Bauers coming out for it, they collided hard, and both wound up in pretty significant pain:

Gomez managed to catch the ball and hang on, though, and the Rays won the game 7-3. So this didn’t end all that badly in the end. And hey, this was a nice win for the Rays (who improved to 29-34 and beat the hot 40-24 Mariners. But it was definitely pretty disastrous for these two players in the moment.

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