Charlie Sheen, the actor who played Cleveland Indians pitcher Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in Major League, wants a second chance to pitch for Cleveland ahead of Game 1 of the World Series.

The outspoken former Two and a Half Men star tweeted that if asked, he’d be honored to throw out the first pitch before the Tribe’s World Series home opener.

Choosing Sheen as the person to throw out the ceremonial first pitch might feel appropriate, but I can’t imagine he’s the club’s first choice to fill the role. While better in recent months, Sheen is a walking embodiment of crisis.

Besides expressing constant odd behavior to his castmates on his now-canceled TV show, Sheen has made news recently for appearing on The Dr. Oz Show and traveling to Mexico to seek alternative medical treatments for HIV. Sheen’s also made headlines for having trouble paying child support payments and threatening to kill his former fiancee.

Sheen does have a history with Cleveland baseball due to his role as the skull-framed badass in Major League. The movie is a great fictional encapsulation of the organization and its struggles. But Sheen has burned too many bridges down to be afforded the opportunity to throw out the first pitch. Cavaliers stars LeBron James or Kyrie Irving would be a more fitting selection.

Yet who knows? Perhaps Cleveland wants Wild Thing to throw one last pitch. At the very least, Sheen’s got a better chance to throw a first pitch than Phil Brickma with the Cubs.

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