The Chicago Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants 5-1 at Wrigley Field on Thursday, then hit the road for a six-game West-Coast road trip.

And because the Cubs are headed to San Diego for the second half of the trip—and because they are managed by the ever-ridiculous Joe Maddon—they dressed in “Anchorman-themed” outfits, with players showing off their best 1970s get-ups in tribute to Ron Burgundy and company.

Here how Maddon described the theme, via CSN Chicago:

“It’s the Ron Burgundy/Brick Tamland – and I also wanted to include Tommy La Stella – Tribute Road Trip, where 60 percent of the time, it works every time, sponsored by Sex Panther cologne,” Maddon said.

The result was a lot of garish suits and the occasional cowboy hat.

Here’s reliever Koji Uehara, one of two players (along with starter John Lackey, above in the red suit), who was actually alive for part of the ’70s

Maddon himself got involved in the Anchorman theme, of course.

Pitcher Brian Duensing even whipped out his Sex Panther cologne for the trip.

The award for best outfit probably goes to reliever C.J. Edwards, who wore a sky-blue three-piece suit with no shirt under it, plus a gold chain and sunglasses.

Oh and don’t forget the Afro pick.

If you’re sick of Maddon’s gimmicks and wish the Cubs would wear regular clothes on their road trips like everyone else (or if you simply wish we’d all stop talking about their dress-up games), that’s fair.

But if the Cubs are going to keep giving their road trips absurd themes, this was probably the classiest option.

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