Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is one of the least popular governors of all time. His approval rating is so low that, as Five Thirty Eight put it, “Chris Christie is still more popular than governors who were literally criminals, but nearly no one else.”

Christie is in such “screw it” mode that he closed a beach to the public and hung out there with his family, then told the public to “deal with it.”

When not chilling on the beach, Christie is attending Mets games. He caught a foul ball at Tuesday’s Mets-Cardinals game, and while that is usually good luck for fans, it was bad luck for Christie; as he showed up on stadium screens and videoboards, ball in hand, the New York crowd made their feelings known:

Here’s the snag as it happened:

The Mets are used to getting booed, so maybe they wouldn’t mind suiting Christie up. After all, he has practice:

At least he gave it to a kid.

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