Chris Coghlan

It may still be April, but Tuesday night gave as a Play of the Year candidate.

In the seventh inning of Tuesday’s Blue Jays-Cardinals game in St. Louis,  Jays’ pinch hitter Chris Coghlan appeared dead as he rounded third base when Cardinals right fielder Stephen Piscotty delivered a strike to catcher Yadier Molina.

Then Coghlan channeled his inner Willie Mays Hayes, leaping over Molina and landing right on home plate.

That’s quite the way to score a go-ahead run in the late innings.

Live, it looked close. Maybe Molina’s glove got a piece of Coghlan as he went over the top. But the replay clearly shows he was safe. (If anything, did Coghlan miss third?)

Fortunately, there was no review. So we’ll never have to worry about one of the great base running moves of all time getting wiped out because of a dumb base running move a few seconds earlier.

Maybe this can spark a turnaround for the struggling Blue Jays.

[h/t @anthony_S32]

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