Crying Cubs fan

When your favorite sports team breaks a life-long championship drought emotions tend to pour out. Jubilation, elation, crazy-happy and even the occasional destructive tendencies come out in fans.

However, one Cubs fan was made famous during a live WGN broadcast following the Cubs winning the National League pennant for the first time since 1945. That fan, later identified as Ryan Slagle, was seen uncontrollably sobbing on national TV.

Dude, we get it, tears of joy…but maybe save the big tears in case the Cubs actually win the World Series?

Alas, Slagle appears to have plenty of tears to spare, as he cashed in on his 15 minutes of fame with an interview with Guillermo of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Naturally, that appearance also included some crying…

…because when your man card is already revoked for uncontrollable sobbing over your sports team, you might as well milk it for all it is worth.

Well, except for in this case, crying was actually justified, as Kimmel worked his celebrity magic and pulled out a pair of World Series tickets for Slagle and his girlfriend to witness a game at Wrigley Field.

Let’s just hope the next set of tears on this guy are of the happy variety again…or who knows what kind of a mess Slagle is going to be should his Cubs lose the World Series.

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