The art of the ask is a key component to the rite of passage known as high school prom. Get it right and the answer is yes, get it wrong and you may become Internet famous.

Get a star player for one of the hottest teams in Major League Baseball? That’s also the stuff of legends, and in a good way.

That’s apparently what one intrepid Chicago Cubs fan did, roping Cubs’ third baseman Kris Bryant in to helping him ask a potential date to prom:

It must have been a nervous 90 minutes for Vince, because according to the Twitter response, that’s exactly how long it took for her to answer his question.

We’re assuming Vince did his homework, because using a Cubs player to ask a White Sox fan to prom would just be all sorts of bad form.

Now, get your tux and wrist corsage…and get to thinking — because you’ve set a rather high bar for your prom adventure to come. After all, going all the way to Spring Training in Arizona to ask a girl to prom certainly is upping the ante.

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