Hey, the WBC is happening!

If you’re anything like me, you just went to Wikipedia and learned that this is the fourth World Baseball Classic, which is crazy, as I remember the first one. I’m old.

I’ve always liked it as an event (elimination baseball is fun, the other countries like it a lot, and not much else is going on aside from college basketball) but I never really make time to watch it.

However, late-night WBC finishes are great, because all live late-night games are awesome. Tonight, Italy entered the ninth down four to Mexico (in Mexico!), only to cut the lead to one, loading the bases for Cubs farmhand John Andreoli.

And he delivered:

A meaningful March walk-off! There’s no downside there. Also, lol Oliver Perez.

Andreoli had a hell of a night, too. Earlier, he did this:

Team Italy just beat the Cubs the other day, too, so maybe it’s their year!

If you’re curious, the United States enters the competition tomorrow night against Colombia, faces off with the loaded Dominican Republic on Saturday, and then closes out pool play Sunday against Canada.

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