On Wednesday night, Ben Zobrist was a hero in the Chicago Cubs’ Game 7 victory over the Cleveland Indians, to win the Cubs’ first World Series since 1908.

That go-ahead double, along with Zobrist’s .357 AVG and .919 OPS in the series, landed the veteran switch-hitter the World Series MVP honors. Oh, and it landed him a second consecutive World Series ring, as he was a key piece on the Kansas City Royals’ championship team last year before signing a four-year deal with the Cubs over the offseason.

It’s no surprise Zobrist’s tremendous success and championship ways continue, as he’s considered one of the hardest working players in the league, and also one of the most humble. Zobrist is very appreciative of fans and their support, and made that clear on Thursday.

The World Series MVP went outside his house in the Chicago area and signed autographs and chatted it up with fans, on his own. This was not some set up Cubs or PR thing, but just Zobrist showing how much he appreciated the fans. And he did this for a few hours, before addressing the crowd. This is fantastic:

Two miles from Wrigley Field, in the North Center neighborhood, a line stretched down the block to meet the Most Valuable Neighbor.

Neighbors of World Series MVP waited for the chance to capture a moment with the Cubs player who captured their hearts.

“It wasn’t planned,” Zobrist said. “I just came outside holding baby talking to neighbors. Next thing you know, people asking for autographs.”

Getting by on just a few hours of sleep, adrenaline and a whole lot of love from his neighbors, Zobrist signed autographs for a few hours.

An incredibly awesome — yet hardly surprising — gesture from Zobrist. He was already going to get a massive ovation from Cubs fans at today’s championship rally, and that ovation may be even louder now.


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