ST. LOUIS, MO – SEPTEMBER 7: Dan Haren #50 of the Chicago Cubs pitches against the St. Louis Cardinals in the first inning at Busch Stadium on September 7, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Michael Thomas/Getty Images)

There may be no more boring exercise activity than getting on the exercise bike. If you are going to be on a bike, you ideally would prefer to be moving somewhere, on a trail or down the road or following a path through a park. On an exercise bike you can let your mind wonder, but there is not much to distract you. You can watch TV or listen to your iTunes library on your phone, or you can even read a book.

Better yet, if you are veteran MLB pitcher Dan Haren, you can take to Twitter and share some random thoughts and memories from your baseball career to kill the time. Haren did that Monday, and we all benefitted from a stroll through Haren’s stream of consciousness.

Haren had a 1.132 WHIP in 2015 between his time with the Miami Marlins and Chicago Cubs. It was his lowest WHIP since 2011.

That sounds like something George Costanza has thought about…

The thin Colorado air may not be as big a factor as it used to be (yay humidors!), but we now know it is officially in some pitchers’ heads.

Haren allowed 19 homers in 11 games at Coors Field, the fourth-highest total of any park in baseball. His 5.56 ERA over 68 innings at Coors Field was also the fourth-worst of his career in any ballpark

You deserved it, Dan. That homer came in 2010, and was actually the second of his career.

Too much information.

Oh, it makes sense now. Still, TMI.

Haren gave up a career-high 31 homers last season, tying the 31 he gave up in 2006 with Oakland.

Ahh, good one there. Upton hit six career home runs off Haren from 2006 through 2014. Then, after B.J. Upton changed his name to Melvin Upton last offseason, Haren kept him inside the yard in all three plate appearances between the two in 2015.

And with that, Haren reached the end of his session on the exercise bike, and he moved on to work on his biceps and triceps. Thanks for the stories, Dan, and please give us advance warning the next time you are hopping on the exercise bike. Please. Pretty please.

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